The road I am on...

No longer smoothly paved or clearly defined.  
The images in this series are intended to convey the beauty found in all journeys and reveal new strengths and direction in my shifting personal landscape.

These micro landscapes of often missed road markings were photographed in the UK during the summer of 2015.  Printed in editions of 5 on matte rag paper with archival pigment inks, signed and numbered inverso.


Movement Disorder

My personal journey into capturing the beauty of movement.  My fascination with how movement affects the image began as a response to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004.

This work has become the antithesis of my long, hyper-sharp, and perfectly retouched commercial career.  What I once thought to be imperfections I now have learned to embrace.  These images are straightforward and honest, a result of my movement (disorder), and not that of any filter or process.

Like all memories blurred by time and change, yet remaining filled with detail, these images of random people, sand, water and sun serve as my memories of a carefree youth.